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Thanks for choosing a Taiga high performance cooler. Now you can start livingthecoolerlifetm.gif

We are going to get you off on the right foot and give you a few tips taking care of your new Taiga cooler to ensure long ice retention for years to come.


What makes Taiga coolers better than the competition?

The high performance cooler market has many competitors but most have similar single color, roto-molded products.  Taiga coolers saw an opportunity to provide you with something better.  Using the injection molding process and specialty engineered plastic materials, Taiga can manufacture coolers in camouflage and other multi-color patterns, not just the standard single colors like white and tan.  Moreover, Taiga designed the tooling so our customers can permanently mold their logo into the outside of the cooler. 

Of course, we designed our coolers with thick walls for durability and outstanding insulation for 5-7 day ice retention.  We use anti-microbial additives and UV stabilizers in our plastic to ensure long life.  We are so confident in our product design and materials, Taiga offers not just a Limited Lifetime warranty on our coolers, but also a 60 day money back guarantee.  We believe the quality of the product along with reasonable pricing makes Taiga coolers a solid value and help you start livingthecoolerlifetm.gif


Where are Taiga coolers manufactured and assembled?

Taiga coolers are manufactured and assembled in Texas, USA.  More specifically, the cooler parts are manufactured by an injection molding company in East Texas and the final assembly and shipping is done out of North Texas. 


Why does Taiga use Polypropylene and most others use Polyethylene?

Taiga uses no break polypropylene (PP).  PP and polyethylene (PE) are similar but PP has some advantages that produce a higher quality cooler. 


PP can take a serious beating and hold up over long period of time.

Taiga’s PP formula includes an anti-microbial additive that has unprecedented resistance to cracking, acids, solvents and mildew. 

PP is light weight.

PP is more rigid than PE.

Lastly, PP is non-toxic and can be used around food.


What advantages does the Injection Molding Process have?

Injection molding allows for sharp precise parts unlike the rough tolerances offered by roto-molding.  Injection molding offers up to 10 times faster turn around time on parts at a lower cost than roto molding.  Taiga can manufacture and deliver a cooler with custom color combinations in under three weeks.

Moreover, injection molding allows Taiga to use plastic materials that can not be used in roto molding.  For example, the multi color and camouflage appearances are economically producible with the injection mold process. 


How do I keep my stuff colder longer in my Taiga Cooler?

Chill the cooler with ice for two to three hours before placing food and drinks inside. 

Freeze or chill the food and drinks ahead of time before they are placed inside the cooler. 

Air is the enemy!  Put as much ice in the cooler as possible.  More ice means less air.  We suggest an ice to product ratio of 2 to 1. 

We suggest to not drain the cooler as the water is cooler than the air.

Limit the opening and closing of the cooler to keep the cold air in the cooler. 

Lastly, limit the amount of direct sunlight on the cooler and start livingthecoolerlifetm.gif


How do I clean my Taiga cooler?

Regular cleaning with soap and water, bleach or any commercial window glass cleaner will do the job.  Use a soft cloth or damp towel.  Heavy abrasive material may scratch the surface. 

Other than normal soap and water, the following brands of cleaners will do the job of cleaning your Taiga cooler: Fantastik household cleaner, Glass Plus and Formula 409.